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How do I apply for a Student Life Assistant position?

Please download the application. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Can I stay at the Rome Center?

Campus accommodations can no longer be provided for family or friends of current students or for Rome Center alumni because of the University's
concern for safety, security, and liability.

Moderately-priced Lodging Options within walking distance of the Loyola
University Rome Center (LURC) on Monte Mario:

Alla Balduina Bed & Breakfast
Via A. Serranti, 12
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06/35346442 or +39 338/8611658
2 double rooms, sometimes available for single use

Residence Bel Sito Home
Piazza Ennio, 1
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06/35491417
21 mini-apartments of different sizes, minimum stay 3 days

Class Hotel Roma
Via A. Fusco, 118
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06/35404111 or +39 06/35420322
54 guest rooms

Mallia Residence
Via Damiano Chiesa, 8
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06/30198
Single and double rooms, studio and two-room apartments

Quality Park Hotel Dei Massimi
Largo V. Ambrosio, 9
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06/35347200 or +39 06/35452855
88 guest rooms

I miss Rome. Is there anyway I can stay connected?

We all miss Rome. Besides writing to classmates on the website, you can take advantage of technology as listen to Italian radio stations via the net. More recent alum might appreciate RDS

How do I contact my classmates?

Contact your Class Captain for more information! Class Captains are listed here.

Please send questions to

Can you help me plan my trip back to Rome?

From time to time, our office receives calls from alums looking for advice about hotels, etc. when going back to Rome. Here is the information we have on file. For more information, please contact your travel agent.

I. Hotels

L.go V.Ambrosio 9 – 00136 Roma
Tel. P.B.X. +39-06-35347200
Fax +39-06-35452855

Bed & Breakfast
Vittoria Bertoni
Via G. Bitossi 21
00136 Roma – Italy
Tel.-Fax: (0039) 0635496217
Mobile: (0039) 329-2165457
(0039) 339-5771710

Bed & Breakfast
Call: Foca Family
Via Alfredo Serranti 12
Roma (00139 Italy)

II. Excavations beneath St. Peter’s Basilica

To Delegate of the Fabbrica di San Pietro Excavations Office 00120 Vatican City
Office Hours 9.00 – 17.00
Closed Sundays and holidays
Tel. +39/06/6988.5318
Fax +39/06/6988.5518

Write a letter that states you wish to visit the excavations underneath St. Peter’s Basilica. Include your native language, number of total visitors with the names, dates available, contact person, address and telephone number. In addition, write your return address including a fax and email address so that someone may contact you.


  1. The visit with a specialized guide is by appointment only.
  2. The visit is in groups of ten.
  3. Because of the limited number of places, only persons over 15 years of age are admitted.
  4. Visitors may not carry bags, backpacks, large objects or photographic equipment on the visit.
  5. The above-mentioned objects must be left at the guarded baggage deposit at the Façade of St. Peter’s Basilica, on the right, which is provided free-of-charge.
    This must be done before entering the office to pick up your tickets.

To Pick Up Your Tickets

  1. Upon receiving the confirmation of an appointment, the visitor will pay in advance the full entrance fee of 15.000 Lire per person.
  2. The sum is non-refundable, should the visitor fail to keep the appointment.
  3. Under special circumstances, the appointment may have to be changed. In that case, a new one will be suggested by the office, otherwise the entire fee will be refunded.
  4. Tickets will be issued immediately before the visit, upon presentation of the receipt of full payment in advance.


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